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The Institute of Dental Business is a new and dynamic programme that is designed for dentists who are committed to achieve success though high
quality dental care.

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you have access to experts in the field, confidence that you can achieve your goals and freedom to have the life and practice you set out to build.

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Background to The Institute of Dental Business

Why the Institute of Dental Business (IoDB)?

Are you like most dentists I meet? You set up your own practice so that you can offer dentistry of the type and calibre you are proud of, using the material and equipment that you choose?

If so, have you discovered that there are many things about running a practice that you had no idea about as an associate and that you were not taught at dental school?

Have you discovered that running a practice is not as simple as you thought it would be?

Have you ever thought
"i wish i knew how to. . . "
"I wish this were easier"
"I wish I had more time"
"I wish i had more money."
"I wish the NHS paid more."
"I wish i didn't have these staff hassles."
"I wish I had more or better patients."

If you have had any of these thoughts, we are here to help you so your practice will run more smoothly and profitably.

The institute of Dental Business has been designed by dentists for dentists like you. Dentists that recognise that running a successful dental practice requires an additional set of skills to being a great clinician. Dentists that recognis that to be the best they need to invest time and money in themelves and their team.

Joining our twelve month programme and attending our one-day workshops, you will learn everything you need to know to build a sustainably successful practice and team that provides a service that you are really proud of and a life that you enjoy.

Join us and find out why our clients are saying:

  • “Go for it, it's great"
  • "Extremely informative and motivating” and "Highly recommended”

"Thank you very much for all your help in supporting me with my anxiety towards exams. I sat my first two in politics yesterday and although I felt quite nervous beforehand, I was calm and confident during both papers. I didn't feel sick at all and although quite tired afterwards, I felt good about how it went. I really enjoyed working with you and your warm approachable attitude has really helped me to achieve my goals."

Ellie Shepherd, Bucks

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