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  • Top 10 habits essential for a successful business™
  • The tooth about dental Practice™
  • The practice with purpose™
  • The time tamer™

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"I have worked with Jane for nearly a year now. Having had a team meeting recently to review the achievements of the previous year and the goals for this year, I was struck by how much had been achieved as a direct result of Jane's input, advice and guidance. By discussing areas for improvement within my business, and focusing on the specifics to achieve them, I committed to clear goals in these areas by agreed dates. When you run your own business, one of the advantages is that you don't have a boss to answer to; however having an external person who has an interest in helping you be the best you can be, holding you accountable for your actions, actually makes things happen. Jane Lelean comes highly recommended for those that want to improve their business, whether financial circumstance outside of anyone's control and really achieve their goals."

KM, Business Owner, Bucks

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