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Whats your score?

Every successful treatment plan begins with an examination including a BPE

You do this because

  • you want a base line score
  • you want to assess the health / disease status of the patient
  • you want to plan the best approach for success

A brilliant Practice Evaluation (BPE) will help you do the same thing for your business

Your Brilliant Practice Evaluation (BPE)

If your BPE raises any aspect of your practice, coaching or training you want to discuss, please call us on 07989 757 884 or e mail

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"I was living my life with a heavy burden of a manager that treated me badly in the past. It was just a constantly being relived in my head. In the coaching by Jane, she helped me with a forgiveness process in which I had to let go all the expectations I had towards this man. It felt like a relief. Jane really guided me with a loving and strong feeling. The remarkable thing is, that in a few weeks time, I met him on several occasions, and had really friendly talks with him. Just as if he had also made a step. I would strongly suggest you to visit Jane for any work or health question you have; she will help you on your path."

Bart Verhaagen, Managing Director, The Crux, Netherlands

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